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Fall Guys reaches more than 10 million downloads

Launched worldwide barely two weeks ago, the party game has carved out a place among the greats in the summer of 2020. The numbers of downloads and simultaneous players will make you, and the servers, quite dizzy.

Fall Guys: Answer to the Hackers

With such success in a week, it's normal to see a few hackers on Fall Guys. But the latter start to be particularly annoying during games, and Mediatonic makes a point of resolving this problem.

Fall Guys: Complete List of Trophies

Don't be fooled by appearances: Fall guys are more technical than it appears! We reveal to you the list of 35 trophies to be won in game, which will crown your achievements and your diligence on the new Mediatonic game.


Fall Guys Season 1: End Date and Rewards

Fall Guys is a paid game but it works with seasons and what looks like to a Battle Pass. As you play, you'll unlock skins, patterns, or even kudos, on a regular basis.


Fall Guys: Complete List of Trophies
Fall Guys is Free on PlayStation Plus in August
Fall Guys Season 1: End Date and Rewards

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