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Fall Guys Cheaters: Developers Promise a Quick Response

Fall Guys Cheaters: Developers Promise a Quick Response

The race against time continues, and the developers are struggling to find a solution against cheating, enemy No. 1 of Fall Guys. An update will soon tackle cheaters head-on, implementing some programs used by Fortnite, in particular.

Fall Guys Cheaters: Developers Promise a Quick Response

Developers of Fall Guys have been engaged for several weeks in a merciless fight against cheaters, more and more numerous to enjoy an online game that still has only a weak anti-cheat arsenal. The urgency is palpable as many players complain about the cheating which has become frequent, with a lot of damning clips.

The developers want to reassure their community: identified cheaters are firmly banned and long-term solutions are currently being implemented.

“This week we're expanding the current detection system to make things better. We will also be rolling out a major update in the coming weeks that will add the same anti-cheat program to the game that is used by many major titles, such as Fortnite. Thank you for continuing to support us as you do!"

In a Tweet from this weekend, the developer teams indicated that an implementation of one of Fortnite's anti-cheat programs (probably Easy Anti-cheat [EAC]) was planned. The developers therefore take the problem of cheating very seriously, looking for security programs directly from Epic Games and its flagship Battle Royale.

A half-reassuring message, however, in view of the recent controversies that have marred the reputation of the anti-cheat of Fortnite this summer. During the last Fortnite Champion Series many cases of cheating were indeed observed, even though it is the most important official competitive circuit on the BR.

Epic Games has since expressed itself on the problem, ensuring that it is working hard to protect the integrity of the game's competitive ecosystem. The fact remains that Fortnite's anti-cheating was not in the odor of sanctity lately. .

Fall Guys has faced an increase in cheating cases in recent days, with reports showing some cheaters teaming up to take out all other players in the first round (per recommendations from Fall Guys development teams, we don't will not reveal these videos in our article). The forms taken by cheating on the Mediatonic party game therefore seem to diversify and become popular. The response sent through the next major patch should live up to expectations, and appropriate under the circumstances.

Anti-cheat patch coming soon to Fall Guys

The Fall Guys development teams have been fighting a ruthless battle against cheaters since the game's launch. They are aiming to fix this issue soon with a big update, and by then they are giving back to the community rather unexpected advice!

Original content by Romain "Zorg" Becquelin.


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