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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Epic Games purchases Fall Guys developer

Epic Games have made another acquisition, with the British development and publishing company Tonic Games Group joining its significant roster.

Cuphead skins will be available February 24

While the game has just announced a futuristic theme for Season 4, Fall Guys unveils a collaboration with Studio MDHR and creates Cuphead skins for its beans.

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Ninja gets a Fall Guys costume!

Players can now get the Ninja skin in Fall Guys, following the superstar streamer's participation in pledging $1m to Special Effect.

Fall Guys Season 2 is now live!

The new medieval season of Fall Guys has just been released. Update, patch note and other new features are listed in this article.

Fall Guys: 4 new skins revealed for season 2

The second season of Fall Guys will begin today, October 8, 2020! To celebrate its arrival, 4 new exclusive skins have been revealed on Mediatonic's official Twitter.

Fall Guys Season 2 start date confirmed

Mediatonic has just confirmed once and for all the start date of Season 2 of Fall Guys. This will obviously start with the Halloween theme, and should logically last about two months.

Fall Guys: Developer reveals 'Cheater Island' plan

With many in the community complaining about cheating in Fall Guys, the developer revealed that they had indeed noted the issue, and that they had created a sinister plan to combat it...

Fall Guys update: Big Yeetus patch notes

The first mid-season update coming to Fall Guys is divided into two main areas: a newly implemented anti-cheat system for PC users and Big Yeetus.

Fall Guys Cheaters: Developers Promise a Quick Response

The race against time continues, and the developers are struggling to find a solution against cheating, enemy No. 1 of Fall Guys. An update will soon tackle cheaters head-on, implementing some programs used by Fortnite, in particular.

Anti-cheat patch coming soon to Fall Guys

The Fall Guys development teams have been fighting a ruthless battle against cheaters since the game's launch. They are aiming to fix this issue soon with a big update, and by then they are giving back to the community rather unexpected advice!

Ninja, MrBeast, G2 and AimLab pledge $1 million to Special Effect

The Fall Guys Battle of the Brands auction is finally over. After weeks of companies and personalities alike jousting on social media, the winning bid comes from Ninja, MrBeast, G2 Esports and Aim Lab. They all teamed up to deliver an unbeatable $1 million bid for the Special Effect charity.

Twitch Rivals: Fall Guys Fridays

Mediatonic's Party Game takes its first steps in the competitive world faster organizes its first Fall Guys Twitch Rivals.


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