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Meet the Team


David W. Duffy

Nickname: Olucaron

Email :

Twitter: @Olucaron

Exiled Geordie, FGC scrub, Pokémon non-master, grammarian. Editor of many things for a decade and a half, most of which you've never heard of.


Senior Editor

Clémence Lemoal

Nickname : Idril

Email :

Twitter: @idril_fr

MGG Head of Content for shooter games and support player since forever. I spent a lot of time on this bio.


Contributing Editors

Camille Chabroud

Nickname: Milkameluna

Twitter: @Milkameluna

Head of Pokémon, Harry Potter, Hytale, Animal Crossing and other cute games for MGG FR & EN since 2015.


Laure Laborde

Nickname : Laure

Twitter: @laure_laborde

Freelance Writer for MGG FR & EN. Indie lover and horror enthusiast.


James Whitmore

Nickname : Leyr

Twitter: @Leyr__

Freelance translator and interpreter based in London. Still remember how to deny a Roamer, mind.


Jonno Nicholson

Nickname : MrJonno95

Twitter: @MrJonno_95

Head of Call of Duty. Freelance writing since 2014, specialising in Call of Duty and its esports scene.


Adel Chouadria

Twitter: @AdelChouadria

Freelance esports writer in Europe with over 6 years of LEC coverage. Also a 90's NY Knicks fan, sneakerhead, and wrestling fan. Cake is #1.

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