Fall Guys: Four new maps leaked

Dataminers have discovered new game maps and modes for Fall Guys. Here are the visuals and concepts for each mini-game in this article.

Fall Guys: Four new maps leaked

Season 2 of Fall Guys will be unveiled this Thursday at Gamescon, but some impatient Dataminers have already discovered 4 new maps that will potentially be added to the game. As a reminder, the Community Manager had already revealed that several new maps and cosmetics would be added soon.

Thanks to @uguuCyuubi we can list these 4 new game modes:

  • The Treasure Hunt mode
  • The "Chicken Chase" mode
  • The Doors Dash mode with 100 players
  • The "Wall Guys" mode

We don't have more details just yet, but here are the alleged visuals for these game modes:

Treasure hunt - Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
Treasure hunt
Chicken chase - Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
Chicken chase
Doors Dash - Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
Doors Dash
Wall Guys - Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
Wall Guys

Maybe we will learn more this Thursday, August 27?

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