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FaZe Fuzzface: Inside the mentality of PUBG's most consistent team

FaZe Clan have been the dominant PUBG team in Europe for a long time, but what lies behind this sustained success, and how has it been adapting to the challenges of 2020? I sat down with David “Fuzzface” Tillberg-Persson to get inside the mindset of one of the most consistent teams in the business.

Marquee Matchups 10/22 SBC Solutions

Each week, a new group of SBCs called Marquee Matchups makes its appearance in FUT 21. Find our solutions to complete these challenges created around the highlights of recent football action.

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FFXIV Fashion Report Guide and Rewards, Week of October 23 to 26

The FF14 Fashion Report is a weekly contest in which players can earn awesome rewards by showing off their best outfits. Thanks to Miss Kaiyoko Star's theorycrafting, here are the best glamour solutions available this week in Final Fantasy XIV.

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Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Tier List: The best characters for your party

Genshin Impact is taking the world by storm, but which of the 23 playable characters should you choose to join your Traveller and make up your four-person party? Which elements should you opt for? Our tier list of the best characters helps you make those crucial decisions.

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