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Valorant: FaZe Clan loses its captain JasonR

Jason "JasonR" Ruchelski won't be with FaZe Clan for very long. The former CS: GO player has decided to leave the structure following internal disagreements. He doesn't give up the competition so far and is looking for a new project.


Valorant: T1 Sonii removed from Ninja's team

Since the release of Valorant, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has participated in various competitions as part of a team of influencers. His last team, 100 Blifted, lost T1 Sonii and must find a new player for the tournaments to come.


Valorant : What did we learn from ardiis' AMA?

G2 ardiis is the first player in the organization to do an Ask Me Anything on Reddit. The questions followed one another and we come back to the most interesting ones with subjects such as competitions, ambition and the future.

Another nerf for Raze in Valorant?

According to several sources, a new Raze nerf is in preparation in Valorant. Yet already impacted by the latest patch, the agent is too versatile compared to the others.

Killjoy to be Valorant's twelfth agent

Several leaks suggested that Killjoy would be the twelfth agent to joinValorant ranks. The news has now been made official via the game's Twitter account.


Former CS:GO pro Marved joins FaZe Clan Valorant team

The FaZe Clan organization, well known on several esports scenes, continues to complete its Valorant roster. The latest addition is Jimmy "Marved" Nguyen, who was until now a simple stand-in. There is only one place left on the team.


Sentinels won PAX Arena Valorant Invitational

Valorant tournaments have been organized in numbers since the game's release. PAX Arena had announced that it will be holding its own Invitational Powered By Seagate. Sentinels won the tournament and the $10,000 cash prize.


ZachaREEE is FaZe Clan 3rd Valorant player

FaZe Clan continues to complete its Valorant roster by recruiting Zachary "ZachaREEE" Lombardo, former Overwatch professional player.


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