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Riot Games unveils 2021 Valorant Champions Tour

Valorant's competitive scene is about to get a whole lot bigger! Riot Games has just revealed the 5v5 Champions Tour starting early 2021, featuring three levels of competition.

• 24 Nov 2020

Valorant Exclusive: Unveiling the new Ion skins

For the release of the brand-new Ion skin range in Valorant, we sat down with Producer Preeti Khanolkar and Art Lead Sean Marino to discuss their daily life and their responsibilities. Discover these new skins, as well as the process behind their creation, in this exclusive interview!

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Portugal wins the Valorant Spike Nations

Several teams of influencers competed at the Valorant Spike Nations to win $100,000 for the good cause. It's finally Portugal that wins this first edition!


Will Valorant soon see its first esports sponsors?

Sponsors play an important role in esports. It's difficult to last if no investors support it. Riot Games is currently in discussions to find the first sponsors for Valorant.


David Beckham's Guild Esports announce entry to Valorant

Guild Esports, the London-based esports organisation that boasts David Beckham as a co-owner, have revealed they are moving into Valorant with the acquisition of the all-Swedish Bonk roster.


Three new Valorant players at Immortals

After the departures of Asuna, diceyzx and KOLER, Immortals had no choice but to recruit new players. The organization has decided to make it simple and efficient by officializing three arrivals in one go.

What's new in Valorant Act 3

Act 3 is almost here in Valorant and it's time to summarize all the new features that players will be able to enjoy in two weeks.


Valorant: Team Heretics recruits nukkye

Team Heretics recently announced its arrival in Valorant. The Spanish organization hasn't finalized its roster has recruited a former CS:GO player who joins the team.


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