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Valorant Patch 2.0: Yoru joins the team!

Yoru, the new Valorant agent, is finally available in-game. The 2.0 patch notes also contain various character adjustments, bug fixes and weapon updates.

• 12 jan 2021

Valorant Season 2 Battle Pass has leaked

Check out Valorant Season 2 Battle Pass. All the weapons, skins, and cosmetics that you'll be able to unlock while playing during this season are visible in this article.

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Valorant's 14th agent has leaked

Valorant's new agent has just been revealed by a Russian leaker. Possibly named Yoru, he's reminiscent of Omen as he's based on deception, invisibility and teleportation.

GeT_RiGhT set to move over to VALORANT

At 30 years of age, Counter-Strike legend Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund appears to be coming out of 'retirement' to compete in VALORANT.


Valorant: jmoh benched by Immortals

Jason "jmoh" Mohandessi is no longer part of the Valorant Immortals team. He has been benched and is waiting for new proposals to bounce back.


Valorant: G2 about to replace DavidP and Pyth

Following its defeat at the Valorant First Strike Europe, G2 is already on the verge of modifying its roster. DavidP and Pyth would be in the hot seat.

Valorant 1.14 Patch Notes now available!

Valorant 1.14 Patch mainly updates Sage and Icebox. Players will also be pleased to see that a new game mode has been introduced: Snowball Fight. Riot Games is already starting to celebrate the festive season!


Riot Games unveils 2021 Valorant Champions Tour

Valorant's competitive scene is about to get a whole lot bigger! Riot Games has just revealed the 5v5 Champions Tour starting early 2021, featuring three levels of competition.


Guild Esports disqualified from Valorant First Strike Europe for using exploit

The first Valorant First Strike Europe qualifier was definitely full of twists and turns. While G2 Esports had lost - to the surprise of everyone - against Guild Esports, Riot Games reversed the result. Charged with using an exploit, David Beckham's organization was sanctioned.

Valorant Exclusive: Unveiling the new Ion skins

For the release of the brand-new Ion skin range in Valorant, we sat down with Producer Preeti Khanolkar and Art Lead Sean Marino to discuss their daily life and their responsibilities. Discover these new skins, as well as the process behind their creation, in this exclusive interview!


Portugal wins the Valorant Spike Nations

Several teams of influencers competed at the Valorant Spike Nations to win $100,000 for the good cause. It's finally Portugal that wins this first edition!


Valorant Pop Flash: Sentinels win final NA tournament
All the tricks to get you started in Valorant
Learn to dominate with our Valorant Ascent map guide

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