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Valorant is tactical FPS developed by Riot Games. Discover our dedicated portal for all information related to this latest game from Riot Games. Maps, classes, skills, guides and all other news — if you're looking to find out everything about Valorant, you've come to the right place.

Valorant Patch 3.1: Agents Tier List

Episode 3, Act 1 introduced many significant changes to Valorant. That's why we have decided to create a tier list of the most powerful and useful Agents.

• 08 jul 2021
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VALORANT: New Agent abilities revealed for KAY/O

KAY/O will introduce a suppression mechanic to VALORANT, which will prevent players from using abilities and instead rely purely on their guns and accuracy. The new robot Agent also has a downed ability allowing allies to revive them, similar to what we see Battle Royale games.

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All about Killjoy, Valorant's 11th Agent

The complete guide to learning how to play Killjoy in Valorant. Discover the skills of the new German agent, her strengths, weaknesses and some tips to play her to the fullest.

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