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Valorant Ego by Onetap skins collection

Valorant Ego by Onetap skins collection

Riot Games unveils its new series of Valorant skins called Ego by Onetap.

Valorant Ego by Onetap skins collection

Valorant has been making a point of being a trendy game ever since its release. That's more true than ever today with the announcement of a new series of skins called Ego by Onetap with a slogan: Dare to be Bold.

Each element of this video seeks to be inspired by the announcement of a new collection of sneakers or some street-wear brand — which isn't very surprising because Valorant skins are important for Riot Games.

Valorant skins collections are extremely expensive. The Glitchpop set costs more than $20 per weapon, for a total bundle of more than $80. This bundle still needs to be upgraded with Radianite Points to unlock the visual and sound effects of the weapons.

The anger of a large part of the community against Riot's prices is rekindled with each new skins and Ego by Onetap will be no exception. It's scheduled for release on September 17.

Valorant Patch 1.09 Delayed

Valorant's traditional bi-monthly patch notes has just been delayed by one day due to last-minute bugs. The update will be implemented on Wednesday, September 16.


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