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LEC Summer Split: Perkz takes a one week break, P1noy steps in

After some mixed results alongside G2 Esports during the first weeks of the Summer Split, the Croatian player decided to take a short break. He'll be replaced by Kristoffer "P1noy" Albao Lund Pedersen.


LEC 2020 Summer Split Week 2 Power Rankings: Rookies on the top

As Week 3 of the League of Legends European Championship is about to begin, G2 Esports are back on track, MAD Lions confirm their streak, Rogue held on and Fnatic are back with their hold habits — what's happening with this Summer Split?!


Fnatic teams up with Gucci

Luxury brands seem to like League of Legends. After Riot Games and Louis Vuitton last year, Fnatic just announced their partnership with Gucci.


Conqueror Nautilus is coming to PBE!

To celebrate the Spring Split champions all over the world, a new champion is joining the Conqueror skin line: Nautilus!


LEC 2020 Summer Split Power Rankings: What happened to G2?

As Week 2 is about to begin, it's time to rank teams according to their first-week performances... and G2 sprang a big surprise, by not being the dominant force we're used to seeing...


LCS promises to produce a better broadcast

Harshly criticized when compared to the LEC or the LCK, the most prominent league of the North American competitive scene answered the recent backlash surrounding the broadcast quality of Week 1.


MaRin to return as a coach?

Jang "MaRin" Gyeong-hwan, a legendary LCK player who won Worlds with SKT T1 in 2015, said on stream he might come out of his retirement...


No Pro View for the LEC Summer Split 2020

The premium stream service Pro View won't be available for the LEC Summer Split 2020 in Europe as the matches will be played online. Riot Games has disclosed the compensations being offered to fans.


Road to the 2020 LEC Summer Split

Amid the COVID-19, the traditional press conference of the LEC Summer Split was held online, leading to a digital event as hilarious as it was informative ...


LCS 2020 Power Rankings: Summer Split Preview

The LCS is about to resume and ten teams are competing at the top of NA, not only to be crowned champion, but also to qualify for Worlds! Who are the favorites? Who should take it all?


LEC 2020 Power Rankings: Summer Split Preview

After long months without even an MSI to get their teeth into, LEC teams will return to the Rift on June 12. Who are the favorites? Who's aiming for the title?


Immortals Roster for the 2020 LCS Summer Split

Who's leaving? Who's joined the team? That's the big question for every transfer window of the League of Legends Championship Series. All details about the 2020 Summer Split players of Immortals are in this article!

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