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Apex Legends reveals new Horizon video teaser

Apex Legends reveals new Horizon video teaser

The next Apex Legends character is once again being teased in mysterious video.

Apex Legends reveals new Horizon video teaser

We now know that Horizon will be the next Apex Legends character to appear in Season 7. Respawn continues to tease the scientist through a more than mysterious video.

It shows a distorted image of Newt — her robotic sidekick — while she seems to want to convey a message to the other legends. Filled with statistics, it's difficult to discern what she says.

She pronounces the word "Branthium" which is a nod to one of Ash's lines at the end of the quest of Season 5: "All roads…All roads lead to Branthium."

Horizon should logically be the legend of the next season. However, some dataminers claim that another character might also appear in-game. Valk was leaked a few weeks ago and she should be able to glide through the air and launch rockets.

Anyway, we'll have the answers to our questions very soon since Season 7 of the battle royale should begin in November.

Apex Legends unveals Champions Edition with new cosmetics and next legend's teaser

Respawn has revealed Apex Legends Champions Edition with new skins. A teaser of the next legend has also been unveiled.


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