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Apex Legends unveals Champions Edition with new cosmetics and next legend's teaser

Apex Legends unveals Champions Edition with new cosmetics and next legend's teaser

Respawn has revealed Apex Legends Champions Edition with new skins. A teaser of the next legend has also been unveiled.

Apex Legends unveals Champions Edition with new cosmetics and next legend's teaser

Apex Legends is getting a Champions Edition that will be available at the launch of Season 7. In addition to the game, this pack will contain exclusive skins, legend unlocks, and Apex Coins.

The battle royale in its standard edition is free, but you have to buy legends either with real money or with in-game money to be able to play all the characters. With this pack, all characters released since season six will be unlocked (from Octane to Rampart),

Three brand new skins for Wraith, Revenant and Crypto will also be included in the offer with matching weapon skins for the Triple Take, Sentinel, and Flatline. To accessorize your avatar even more, a gold Nessie gun charm is also part of it.

This pack is clearly intended for new players. Veterans have already unlocked a lot of Legends — if not all of them. The exclusive skins will only be available in the Champions Edition.

The announcement video is presented by Mirage who does the voice-over. He ends the trailer by teasing the new legend, which takes the form of a silhouette. Is it Horizon?

For the players who would go to the shooting range, a new video about this mysterious legend is available. A series of challenges to unlock the gravity lifts spread across the maps will also be enabled.

The next Apex Legends season should be released in November. We can imagine that the pack will be available at this same period without knowing the price for the moment.

Apex Legends next patch will fix Pathfinder and Crypto bugs

Apex Legends will soon deploy a patch to address issues that have appeared with the Aftermarket update. Pathfinder, Crypto and some HUD elements will be modify.


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