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Apex Legends teasers confirm Horizon as Season 7 Legend

Apex Legends teasers confirm Horizon as Season 7 Legend

Respawn has confirmed it through interactive challenges: Horizon will be the new legend to join the Apex Legends hero pool in Season 7.

Apex Legends teasers confirm Horizon as Season 7 Legend

The next character in Apex Legends has been announced. As some leakers had already revealed a few days ago, it's Horizon that will be in the game next season. Everything begins after the Champions Edition trailer went live.

Some players noticed that a new teaser for season 7 has appeared in the battle royale. It involves new interactive challenges all related to... Horizon.

To unlock them, you'll have to go to the Firing Range. At the far right of the arena you'll find a loot bin that can't be opened next to some monitors that you can turn on.

Once you have done this, a video will launch giving you three new challenges available in the lobby:

  • Deal 10 damage while mid air (5,000 CP)
  • Get 10 knowkdowns (5,000 CP)
  • Outlive 120 opponents (5,000 CP)

Completing these three challenges will allow you to access the gravitational lifts spread over the two maps. The activation of the three lifts will complete the "A Wee Experiment" challenge series. Players will also be rewarded with a banner badge and a gun charm.

It will also revealed a final video in which Horizon finally introduced herself.

We learn that she also goes by the name of Dr. Mary Somers and is assisted by a robotic sidekick named Newt.

Gravity lift teasers seem to be her work and could be related to her tactical ability. Gravity could be significant in the next season. It remains to be seen how Respawn will implement it in-game.

Apex Legends unveals Champions Edition with new cosmetics and next legend's teaser

Respawn has revealed Apex Legends Champions Edition with new skins. A teaser of the next legend has also been unveiled.

Sunjekti 8 months ago

Hi! I did the quest and i can confirm that you don't have to do the second part of the challenges (the activate lifts one) for you to be able to see the video. Just go into the shooting range after you did the first part of the challenges. Thanks!

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