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Apex Legends leak seems to reveal upcoming seven Legends

Apex Legends leak seems to reveal upcoming seven Legends

The next seven playable characters from Apex Legends would have been leaked. Players who enjoy offensive legends should be thrilled.

Apex Legends leak seems to reveal upcoming seven Legends

Apex Legends releases new characters quite regularly — one per season. If Respawn insists on sticking to this rhythm, some dataminers already seem to have got their hands on the name and role of no less than seven new legends!

This major leak reveals that the offensive characters would be called Valk, Ash, Husaria, Horizon or Fuse. The other two — Blisk and Firebug — will be neither tanks nor supports, but legends with recon abilities.

Rampart being the latest to be introduced into the game, you have to look (on the picture) at the character on her right to see who is likely to be her successor. This would be Valk, of which some information had already leaked in the past.

The one called "soaring aviator" in the game files would be the legend introduced in Season 7 and his abilities could be the following:

  • Passive: Afterburners — After initial drop, Valk and her teammates fly faster while skydiving.
  • Tactical: VTOL Jets — Hold to hover.
  • Ultimate: Skyward — Valk and nearby allies take to the skies after a short countdown.

If the image is true, Blisk and Ash should follow him in the succeeding seasons.

These are leaks and not official information. We must take these revelations with a grain of salt since Respawn is likely to change the name, the abilities or even the appearances of these legends.

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