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Outriders Legendary Armor Guide: Devastator

Outriders Legendary Armor Guide: Devastator

Each class in Outriders has four Legendary Equipment Sets – each providing unique bonuses. Here’s our guide on the sets for the Devastator

Outriders Legendary Armor Guide: Devastator

There are 16 Legendary Armor sets in Outriders – four for each class. Each set provides a unique bonus as long as at least three items are equipped. Here’s everything you need to know about the sets for the Devastator.

How to Get Legendary Armor

  • Complete 10 Monster Hunt quests – the tenth quest will reward you with a piece of legendary armor
  • Unlock Expeditions by completing the game – completing and Expedition rewards you with Drop Pod resources, which can be used to purchase legendary armor.

Deathproof Set

Reduces the cooldown of Boulderdash by 90%.

Set Piece


Deathproof Mask

Primal Weakness: Boulderdash

Primal Rage: Boulderdash

Deathproof Chest Armor

Increase Duration: Reflect Bullets
Primal Armor: Boulderdash

Deathproof Gauntlets

King Slayer
Bullet Acceleration: Reflect Bullets

Deathproof Leg Armor

Primal Chaingun: Boulderdash

Deathproof Footgear

Life of the Party
Primal Constitution: Boulderdash

Marshal Set

Endless Mass pulls enemies and causes up to 4 of them to share 10% of anomaly and 30% of weapon incoming damage for 5 seconds.

Set Piece


Marshal's Helmet

Wide Horizons: Endless Mass
Life Absorption: Gravity Leap

Marshal's Armor

High Intensity: Endless Mass
Human Comet: Gravity Leap

Marshal's Gauntlets

Double Jump: Gravity Leap
Shattered Armor: Endless Mass

Marshal's Waistcloth

Power Assimilation

Marshal's Footgear

Despair: Gravity Leap

Bleed Them All: Endless Mass

Seismic Commander Set

Increase damage towards enemies with Bleed by 50%.

Set Piece


Seismic Commander's Helmet

Splash Boost: Blighted Rounds

Seismic Commander's Armor

To the Bone: Blighted Rounds
Dum-Dum Bullets

Seismic Commander's Gloves


Seismic Commander's Leg Armor

Enriched Anthrax: Blighted Turret
Better Parts: Blighted Turret

Seismic Commander's Footgear

Second Quake: Earthquake

Sharpened Spike: Impale

Statue Set

Using either Tremor or Golem doubles your Firepower and doubles Weapon Skill Leech for you and your teammates.

Set Piece


Statue's Head

Grand Blast: Tremor

Perseverance: Golem

Statue's Torso

Power of the Stones: Tremor

Crush Sequence: Tremor

Statue's Hands


Human Fortress: Tremor

Statue's Legs

Golem Squad: Golem
Stolen Life: Tremor

Statue's Feet

Made of Marble: Golem

Bleeding Impulse: Golem

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