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Outriders Guide: World Tiers

Outriders Guide: World Tiers

The World Tier in Outriders affects the level of difficulty you will face, as well as the level of loot you’ll be able to obtain. Here’s our guide on how it works.

Outriders has plenty of unique content to offer – and managing your World Tier is an excellent feature. Increasing your World Tier means more rewards, including plenty of legendary drops!

World Tiers Explained

World Tiers are how the game defines the difficulty level you’ll face in Enoch. Outriders starts you at World Tier 1 – unlike most traditional campaigns – the tiers will evolve as you progress through the game. You can change your World Tier at any time to make your experience easier, or more difficult, as long as you’ve unlocked a tier.

You’ll see the progress you’re making on the bar at the top of your UI – the more experience you gain, the quicker you’ll unlock the next tier. Keep in mind that increasing the tier while being under-levelled will have a detrimental effect on your progress – the higher the tier, the stronger the boss, and if you die consistently you’ll lose progress.


How to Increase Your World Tier

Playing through the campaign is the most reliable, and effective, method of increasing your World Tier. The side quests will provide you with plenty of experience too – and they are all repeatable so you have lots of opportunities. Completing the Hunter, Wanted and Historic quests is also useful, since every ten you complete guarantees a legendary item.

The best side quest to farm World Tiers is “Predator to Prey” which can be found Forest Enclave area. This quest has decent loot drops, and as you can repeat it several times, you'll be able to unlock tiers quickly. 

Additional content by Bastien "Lloyd" Dubosq-Luyer.

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