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How to farm legendaries in Outriders

How to farm legendaries in Outriders

The crème de la crème of Outriders is, of course, the legendary weapons and armor. However, it is not a simple task. In this guide, we explain how to optimize your legendary farm.

How to farm legendaries in Outriders

Each class has its own set of armor and legendary weapons. Since it is no longer possible to get legendaries from chests, other methods are needed. Here’s our guide on the best ways to farm legendaries in Outriders.

Increase Your World Tier

The higher tiers will bring stronger enemies – but you’ll also get a higher drop rate for legendary weapons. Setting your World Tier to 15 provides a +300% legendary drop rate modifier bonus.

Hunts Bring Legendaries

Whether it is the bounty hunter quests or the monster hunter quests, you’ve got a good chance of obtaining legendaries – so repeating quests is always a good way to farm!


Easily Obtainable Legendaries

There are three yellow chests that hide a legendary – so make sure to fully explore each area and keep an eye out for those chests. Some chests are well hidden, especially in the Canyon region of the Grand Obelisk.

Expeditions favor the legendary

Expedition mode, will require you to team up with other players (or not) in order to complete challenges to collect resources and powerful pieces of equipment. The difficulty of Expeditions is determined by the selected challenge level and the result of the race is a ton of loot that should appeal to seasoned looters. And, Expedition level 9 gives you a great drop rate for Legendaries.


Expeditions Favor the Legendary

Expedition mode is another great way  to earn legendaries – completing an expedition will reward you with Drop Pod resources, which can be used to purchase legendary armor. The higher the level of the Expedition, the greater the difficulty – and the greater the reward!

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