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LCS: Immortals release sOAZ, Eika and GoToOne

Following the departure of Zaboutine, and after a quite disastrous season, the adventure of the Frenchmen across the Atlantic comes to an end today. For sOAZ, it may mean the end of his career as a player ...


Finalists revealed for 2021 LCK franchising

Next year, the LCK will switch to the franchise model, as is already the case in most of the major professional leagues around the world. There were more candidates than places but we now know the ten finalists and the backups chosen by Riot Games.


Riot Games signs partnership deal with Spotify

Riot Games has announced a multi-year partnership with music streaming service Spotify for League of Legends esport events. While the game already has a rich audio universe, this should help it develop even more.


CLG parts way with coaches SSONG and Weldon

After a disastrous Summer Split that ended on the edge of qualifying for Playoffs, the LCS organization decided to replace both its Head Coach and its League of Legends Division Coach.


LCS Summer Week 8 Power Rankings: Six teams already qualified

As the League of Legends Championship Series enters its ninth and last week of the 2020 Summer Split, six teams are already guaranteed to be qualified for Playoffs and the four bottom teams are now competing to join the Losers' Bracket...


LEC 2020 Summer Week 7 Power Rankings

The playoff race has seen many twists and turns again last week. MAD Lions and Rogue are the only teams that are guaranteed to qualify — and for the others, Week 8 will be critical...


Riot launches LCK Academy Series

From August, the LCK will host a brand new tournament called Academy Series. The goal? Discover the region's emerging talents...


LEC announces NEOM sponsorship to social media backlash

Sponsors abound in the world of esports, but the latest partner announced by Riot Games for the LEC has courted an overwhelmingly negative reaction online — including from its own on-air talent.


Afreeca Freecs break record for fastest LCK game

In their match opposing them to SeolHaeOne Prince, Afreeca Freecs speedran the game and destroyed their opponent's Nexus in a blink of an eye...

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