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Pokémon GO: special day of Suicune Raids

On August 17, a special day of Raids will be held on Pokémon GO. It will feature Suicune, which will then be available in its shiny form. All the details in this article.


Pokemon GO: Is Giovanni available soon?

For the third and final Pokemon GO Fest of the year, taking place in Japan, players were surprised when Team Rocket leader Giovanni appeared in their photos.


New Boxes hit the Pokémon GO Shop!

Several new Boxes are now available in the in-game Shop. These give you items to help you on your adventure!


Pokémon GO passes one billion downloads

Theoretically, more than one eighth of the population of the world has installed Pokémon GO. Niantic have revealed that total downloads of the app have surpassed one billion in just three years.


Now you can capture more Pokémon than ever in Pokémon GO!

One of the biggest gripes Trainers have with Pokémon GO is the constant need to transfer Pokémon to make room for more. However, that is soon to change, as Niantic have announced a global increase in base storage capacity.


Are Shiny Shadow Pokemon coming to Pokemon GO?

The day after Team Rocket launched a coup on the official Pokémon GO Twitter account, Niantic have dropped an intriguing new hint as to what's next. It could well mean that the Shiny Forms of Shadow Pokémon are on their way...


Special Edition Pokémon Switch Lite revealed!

Following on from the reveal of the Nintendo Switch Lite, a new Zacian and Zamazenta Edition has been announced to coincide with the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield.

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