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The new VALORANT Battle Pass is live

The new VALORANT Battle Pass is live

The next VALORANT Battle Pass comes with the Episode 2, Act 3 release, and will run for the next couple of months.

The new VALORANT Battle Pass is live

Episode 2, Act 3 has it's VALORANT Battle Pass live now, and will run until June 21st.

The Free Track will grant you items like a Lucky Rabbit Buddy and the Lightwave Frenzy with three variants.

However, pay the 1,000 VALORANT Point for the Premium Battle Pass and players will gain access Radianite Points, Gun Buddies, Gun Skins, and Titles.

Most notably are the Lightwave, Depths, and Songsteel weapon skin lines.

Forsaken weapon skins coming to VALORANT

The new VALORANT cosmetics come with a Playercard, Spray, and Gunbuddy.


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