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FIFA 21: EA Play, What Is It?

FIFA 21: EA Play, What Is It?

The pressure from governments is increasing on EA mainly surrounding FIFA points. And we suspected, EA would react and it has done in the latest update for FIFA 21.

FIFA 21: EA Play, What Is It?

In the latest patch notes for FIFA 21, we learned that EA was going to introduce EA Play Time. But we didn't necessarily know more about what it really was.


Thanks to Play Time you (or your parents) will be able to apply different things to limit the game.

We see on the screen above that it is possible to configure the number of times to play, the number of matches, the number of packs and the number of FIFA points spent.

Overall this doesn't solve all of the concerns, but we think it's already a first step for EA in terms of addressing addiction awareness that FIFA 21's Ultimate Team game mode can create.

One question remains unanswered - the reliability of Play Time. The community is still finding ways to bypass the barriers, but the future will tell if this novelty will bear fruit.

The second RTTF team is live on FUT 21!

The second Road to the Final team has gone live in FUT 21. The likes of Davies, Sanson, Zakaria and many more players are available.


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