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FIFA 21: First impressions

FIFA 21: First impressions

We had the opportunity to play a little FIFA 21 during the Producer Tour. Here are our first impressions after several hours of playing the game's beta version.

FIFA 21: First impressions

We are usually pleasantly surprised when testing the new FIFA titles, and this year is no exception. A few days ago, the FIFA 21 trailer was released, and new gameplay features have been announced.

Some of those features really add more to the game, others a little less. Here's our first impressions.

We had the opportunity to try the Kick Off Mode, which allowed us to see a bit of the new gameplay features.

Regarding the gameplay, EA Sports announced the implementation of Dribbling, Placement customization, Creative Runs, a more natural behavior of the players as well as a Competitor Mode.


New gameplay details


We don't really feel like it's a new feature. Right now, it allows you to take small steps for a little more precise dribbling, but it was already possible before.

Placement customization

From now on, fowards will line up with the last defender instead of going deep unnecessarily.

This also applies for the playmakers who will try to find the best spaces to deliver to the attackers, and for the defenders who will try to cut off the passing trajectories as much as possible.

Creative runs

This is a nice addition. In FIFA 21, you'll be able to direct the player even after having passing the ball.

It's not the easiest thing to do, but with a little practice, it brings a real improvement in the construction of the attacking phases.

More natural player behavior

Each year the game is more realistic. EA Sports has once again tried to bring more fluidity and more realism into the offensive and defensive duels. Again, we only tried a beta version of the game, but we saw a little difference, as the duels seemed more realistic.

Competitor mode

Did you find the Legend and Ultimate difficulty modes too simple? Introducing the Competitor mode! This mode allows the AI to have a better command of technical moves, tactics, and so on.

Overall, our first impressions of FIFA 21 are good. EA Sports has all the cards to create a game worthy of the name.


As a reminder, FIFA 21 will be released on October 9, 2020. If you get the game on PS4 or Xbox One, you will automatically get it on PS5 and Xbox One Series X if you switch consoles.

First trailer for FIFA 21 released

After a small glimpse of the game was shown at EA Play Live, the first full trailer for FIFA 21 has been released.


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FIFA 21: First impressions
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