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FUT 21: Understanding team chemistry

FUT 21: Understanding team chemistry

In this guide, we will walk you through how chemistry works in FUT 21.

FUT 21: Understanding team chemistry

If you are a FUT veteran, there's no need to explain the importance of a strong team chemistry. If you need to familiarize yourself with how chemistry works, we have everything you need to know to achieve maximum chemistry!

3 Colors

Chemistry is essential to get the best possible performance out of your players during a match. If you're just starting out, reaching 100 may prove to be a bit difficult.


In order to reach 100 chemistry, you will need to make sure your players have at least an orange link. If there's no connection between players, a red line will show. 

Chemistry links depend on three variables: Club, League, and Nationality.

  • An Orange link requires one common attribute between two players.
  • Green links require at least two common attributes between two players
  • Red links appear when there is no common attribute between two players.

There are also perfect links which are bright green. These can be achieved when two players from the same club, league, and nationality are on your team. These particular links offer the highest chemistry bonus.

Individual Chemistry

Players in your FUT club can offer bonus chemistry for your team. Loyalty bonuses can be earned when a player has played in 10 games for your team. These players will earn a +1 chemistry boost. 

Players that are earned in packs already have this bonus.


The second way to earn a small bonus is the manager bonus. If the nationality or the league of a player matches that of the manager, a +1 chemistry bonus can be earned.


If you look at the Attribute Details on players, you will be able to see a positive or negative impact on stats that can be affected by the level of chemistry in your team. 

The Pre-Game

Making a change to the formation during a match will have no effect on the chemistry of your team. The team maintains the chemistry value prior to kick-off.

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