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Valorant: Omen disabled from the game until the next patch

Valorant: Omen disabled from the game until the next patch

Valorant's patch 1.07 continues to make headlines. Riot Games has just announced that Omen is disabled until further notice due to bugs that drastically impact the game's integrity.

Valorant: Omen disabled from the game until the next patch
Update 09/04

Three days after the release of patch 1.07, Valorant deploys the hotfix so eagerly awaited by players. Omen is available again.

Patch 1.07 is causing Valorant a lot of trouble. Two days after its release, it's still full of bugs and glitches of all kinds. Two of them are linked to Omen, the shadow hunter, which led Riot Games to remove him from the game's character pool until further notice.

Many players have reported multiple problems with the agent. In particular, he was able to become invincible but also to cross the barriers of the enemy spawn at the beginning of the round. This was enough to call into question the good gaming experience of the players!

Since the deactivation of an agent — even for a limited period of time — is an emergency measure, we can imagine that Riot Games will do everything possible to solve the problem as soon as possible. Players will have to play without Omen for several hours, an opportunity for those who main him to test the other characters available in-game.

Valorant Patch Notes 1.07 brings many changes

Valorant Patch Notes 1.07 is sizable. On the menu five agents have been nerfed, several weapons are slightly modified and bugs have been fixed.


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