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Valorant: Bugs and Glitches with Patch Notes 1.07

Valorant: Bugs and Glitches with Patch Notes 1.07

As it's tradition after the deployment of each update, Valorant knows multiple bugs impacting more or less the game. Omen again seems to play a central role in the use of these new glitches.

Valorant: Bugs and Glitches with Patch Notes 1.07

Days go by, patches follow each other and are similar with bugs and glitches that regularly impact the game. After the arrival of patch 1.07 in Valorant, we summarize all the issues that have been reported for the moment, with some solutions to solve them if necessary.

"VCRUNTIME140_1.dll is missing" Error

If you received this message after downloading patch 1.07, it's a Microsoft update issue regarding Visual C++. While waiting for a patch that will be deployed tomorrow, Riot Games encourages you to download the latest Microsoft update via this [link]({"target":"_blank"}.

To determine the right version to download, go to the system settings of your computer to find out if it's x86, x64 or ARM64. You'll have to reboot your PC and you'll then be able to launch Valorant without any worries.

If necessary, try to reinstall the game entirely or be patient while waiting for the corrective patch.

Two Glitches with Omen

The new passer-through-walls?

This is one of the bad surprises of patch 1.07. Several players have reported the discovery of multiple bugs concerning Omen. The first one allows him to cross barriers of the enemy spawn. It's enough to surprise his opponents without being really fair...

The mechanics of this glitch are explained in detail in the article below.

Omen can break through spawn barriers in Valorant

After each new patch deployment, players are looking for new bugs. Once again, it's Omen who wins the jackpot with a game breaking glitch on the Split map.

Or the invisible man?

The second is as problematic as the first. It also impacts Omen, more precisely when the latter uses its ultimate ability. It makes him invincible for the whole end of the round as you can see in the video below.

As for the previous glitch, Riot Games is probably already aware of it and a patch will be deployed in the coming days.

This isn't the first time that Omen suffers from bugs that make him much more "powerful". The agent's abilities that can teleport him must be difficult to code, which can lead to situations like this after the implementation of new patches. Riot Games reacts quickly enough to repair and fix its errors.

Valorant Patch Notes 1.07 brings many changes

Valorant Patch Notes 1.07 is sizable. On the menu five agents have been nerfed, several weapons are slightly modified and bugs have been fixed.


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