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Valorant: Omen breaks through spawn barriers

Valorant: Omen breaks through spawn barriers

After each new patch deployment, players are looking for new bugs. Once again, it's Omen who wins the jackpot with a game breaking glitch on the Split map.

Valorant: Omen breaks through spawn barriers

There must be an unofficial competition between Omen and Killjoy to find out which agent causes the most bugs in Valorant. If the latter has often problematic turrets, Omen has made a name for himself with his smokes or teleports.

Once again, it's his Shadow Walk ability that is causing trouble. It allows him, with the help of an ally, to cross spawn barriers at the beginning of the round on Split.

At the beginning of each round, supposedly impenetrable barriers block players in their spawn. They can buy safely and think about their attack or defense strategy. Except that because of a simple but devilishly effective bug, Omen doesn't respect anything.

He can cross a barrier and infiltrate in contact with the enemy, neither seen nor known — the barriers also hide the vision. This allows him to take important information and surprise enemy players as soon as the round starts.

The bug consists in using the help of an ally who must be posted on the Short A crates. He/She must be able to gain height (Jett, Raze, Sage...). From the ground, if Omen tries to teleport to the crate with the help of Shadow Walk, the ally in good position can make sure to push Omen through the barrier at the beginning of the round.

Note that if he can cross his barrier, he cannot cross the enemy's barrier. He can't go where he wants on the map either. Let's hope Riot Games reacts quickly and deploys a patch in the coming days.

Original content by Tipsalewo.

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