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How to get Fischl for free in Genshin Impact with the Unreconciled Stars event

How to get Fischl for free in Genshin Impact with the Unreconciled Stars event

Fischl, a 4-star character, is the reward for the "Unreconciled Stars" event, available from November 16 to December 6. For the occasion, we explain the entire course of the festivities.

How to get Fischl for free in Genshin Impact with the Unreconciled Stars event

Please stay assured, Genshin Impact players having absolutely no luck in the Wishes draw, the "Unreconciled Stars" event will allow you to obtain Fischl for free.

From November 16 to December 6, those who have reached or surpassed Adventure Rank 20 will have the opportunity to participate in the biggest event available so far on Genshin Impact.

Successful completion of the 3 different parts of this challenge will allow you to exchange the two event resources that you have collected (supernova energy and astral essence) in the dedicated store. You will be able to receive Character Upgrade Materials, Hero's Wit, Mystical Reinforcement Ore, Crowns of Wisdom, and Fischl, a 4-star character normally obtainable through Wishes.

Be careful, you will need to spend Original Resins during the event, be sure to keep some aside before embarking on the adventure.

Genshin Impact

Part 1: "Unknown Stars" (available on 16/11)

To take part in the event, first go to Catherine of the Adventurers Guild in Mondstadt, to obtain the quest "Unreconciled Stars". Once this is over, you will have unlocked the first phase entitled "Unreconciled Stars - Opening".

You can then open the event page in the Paimon menu to view the location of meteor impact sites where you will find meteorite fragments.

Once there, your role will be to collect all the meteorite fragments present in the surroundings. By interacting with these fragments, you will be able to recover supernova energy.

To finish the first part of the event you must complete the 3 quests available in the different regions. To do this, refer to the event page of the Paimon menu.

Genshin Impact

Part 2: "Stars of Deceitful Dreams" (available on 18/11)

Complete the quest "Things are getting worse" to start the second phase of the event.

Once again you will have to go to the different locations indicated on your map to collect meteorite debris. There are different recovery levels, which means that the higher your Adventure Rank, the harder it is to collect Meteorite Fragments. Obviously, the quality of the rewards evolves according to your level.

This time, to progress in your harvest, you must imperatively defeat the enemies in the limited time. Be careful, if you move too far away from the meteorite fragment during the countdown, the meteor energy will weaken and you will gradually lose some of your harvest.

Additionally, the energy given off by meteorite fragments affects surrounding enemies, making them more difficult to defeat with elemental protection.

Once the fight is over in the allotted time, you will have to spend 20 Original Resins to collect the meteorite fragment and thus obtain Fading Star's Might and experience. Go to the event page to get additional rewards.

Part 3: "Star of Destiny" (available 23/11)

The quest "What the Heavens Hid, Water Reveals" allows you to unlock the third and final phase of the event. Once started, it will allow you to face the "Fading Star" challenge to obtain Fading Star's Essence.

You can choose to participate solo or with others. At the start of each challenge, one of the following anomalies triggers randomly: "Sidereal turn", "Bad omen" or "Malignant clarity".

During these challenges, overcome monsters to accumulate Fading Star's Might. As the amount of energy you can carry is limited, make sure you drop in regularly. To do this, press the T key or use the deposit icon in the dedicated area.

If you are hit while depositing energy, the cast will be interrupted and you will lose some of the energy you have.

After completing this challenge, you will once again need to spend 40 Original Resins to get Fading Star's Essence and other rewards. You can exchange this in the same way as in the second phase.

Bonus: meteorite quests

Three meteorite world quests will unlock as you progress through the event. Complete these quests to obtain various rewards such as Fading Star's Might, Fading Star's Essence, Primogems, and Moras.

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