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Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure Secret Quest Guide

Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure Secret Quest Guide
  • Dunyu Ruins
  • Lingju Pass
  • Qingxu Pool

Seasoned travelers know that Teyvat is a world full of mysteries. Indeed, some quests aren't part of the main storyline, so you have to look for them yourself in order to unlock great rewards. This is particularly the case with the quest for the 3 nameless treasures.

Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure Secret Quest Guide

Today we are going to focus on one of the secret quests that the Genshin Impact universe offers. Indeed, the quest for Nameless Treasure isn't part of the quests of the world, so you will have to go to the right areas in order to solve puzzles and collect each of the treasures one by one.


Genshin Impact

To collect the treasures, you will need to visit three different locations: Dunyu Ruins, Lingju Pass, and Qingxu Pool. Note that there is no particular order to complete the quest, so you can start wherever you want.

There are no real prerequisites to complete this secret quest, all the elements you need are normally part of your base roster. You will therefore need a fire character, a geo character (your traveler) as well as an anemo character.

The rest of this article presents the sites in a certain order, you can solve the puzzles in any direction you want, there are no obligations.

To finish the quest

Once you have collected the three nameless treasures. Go to the port town of Liyue and look for Linglang who is next to the souvenir shop in order to hand him the treasures. Be careful, the NPC isn't present during the day.

As you interact with her, you should have a dialogue line offering to give her the nameless treasures. As a reward for your treasure hunt, you will receive XP, primogems and some gold.

Lingju Pass
Qingxu Pool
Dunyu Ruins
ironheartm 19 hours ago

i did every thing but i only got 1 nameless treasure

Mistal 1 week ago

Just a side note, this quest was bugged for me after i completed it, just log out and log back in and u should be able to investigate the area that has dirt by the tree and the chest will spawn.

NiumZ 1 week ago

You do not need to complete the "Activate geo systems" part for Lingju Pass, "Find the missing scholar" will unlock the chest and therefor the treasure regardless.

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