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Genshin Impact: Viewpoints locations guide

Genshin Impact: Viewpoints locations guide

The world of Teyvat is rich in pretty viewpoints, and as such there are several places worth mentioning. Viewpoints will also help keep geographical archives of the places you will visit.

Genshin Impact: Viewpoints locations guide

With the arrival of version 1.1 of Genshin Impact, it's possible to discover viewpoints all over the world of Teyvat. For collectors, you will need to find them all to complete the Geography Archive section.

How to recognize a viewpoint

To recognize a viewpoint during your various trips around Teyvat of the game. It's simply a purple marker as you can see in the image below.

Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact

The Mondstadt region has 10 viewpoints as follows:



City of the Wind

City of Mondstadt

The Marsh of Celestial Guardians

Starfell Lake

Windswept Wilderness


Land of Clear Springs


Manor of Daybreak

Dawn Winery

Favonius Cathedral

City of Mondstadt

Library, Knights of Favonius

City of Mondstadt

Ancient Thousand Winds Temple

Thousand Winds Temple

Forgotten Sword Cemetery

Dadaupa Gorge

Abandoned Capital of Howling Winds

Stormterror's Lair

To help you, we have prepared a map with all of the Mondstadt viewpoints locations.

Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact

Unlike Mondstadt, Liyue's viewpoints are quite numerous. There are no less than 17 in the region, and here they are:



Where Merchants Flocks and All ships Dock

Liyue Harbor

Feiyun slope

Liyue Harbor

Chihu Rock

Liyue Harbor

Yujing Terrace

Liyue Harbor

Vigilant Guardians Vantage Point

Wangshu Inn

Marsh of Rustling Reeds

Dihua Marsh

Ruins of Guili

Guili Plains

A home in the hills

Qingce Village

Where Mountains Peak Beyond the Clouds

Jueyun Karst

Moonlit Tree

Mount Nantianmen

Mist-Veiled Stone Forest

Huaguang Stone Forest

Weeping Garden

Luhua Pool

A Drop in the ocean

Guyun Stone Forest

Beyond the chasm


Dunyu Ruins

Dunyu Ruins

Qingxu's Forsaken Tower

Qingxu Pool

Nine Pillars of Peace

Cuijue slope

Just like for the first region, we have marked the different locations on the Liyue region map which you can find below.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

You are now a master of the viewpoints with in your possession all those present in the game signed miHoYo. All you have to do is continue your journey or wait for new regions to conquer.

Genshin Impact: Equivalent Exchange - How to access this World Quest

You are in trouble because the only quest in Version 1.1 that you lack to complete all of Mondstadt's is "Equivalent Exchange" but you don't know where or how to unlock it? We explain how to do it here.

Original content by Donovan"ZeroAk" Plault.


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