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Ghost of Tsushima walkthrough: Armors & Upgrades

Ghost of Tsushima: Guides, News, Tips & Solutions
Ghost of Tsushima walkthrough: Armors & Upgrades

Here are some tips to get the best equipment and upgrades, to get rid as soon as possible of Jin Sakai's broken armor.

Ghost of Tsushima walkthrough: Armors & Upgrades

As explained in our Beginner's Guide to Ghost of Tsushima, one of your priorities is to get your hands on better armor, as Jin's broken armor is completely useless and impossible to repair or upgrade.

You don't need to get all the armor in the game, or improve them all to get all the trophies. The majority of them are obtained automatically as you progress, and you can just improve the ones you plan to use.

Ghost of Tsushima

Where to find better armor

Traveler's Attire

You can get the Traveler's Attire very quickly after completing the tutorial: just talk to any merchant. You can meet one by freeing the dojo in the central part, or in any Act 1 Survivor's camp.

Survivor's camps marked with campfire icons. - Ghost of Tsushima
Survivor's camps marked with campfire icons.

This outfit is incredibly useful for anything related to exploration or gathering collectibles. It will expand the area revealed on the map as you explore, alert you when special items like Records, Banners, Mongol artifacts, and Singing crickets are nearby by vibrating the controller. It also activates Winds. It is the ideal armor when you are exploring.

Ghost of Tsushima

Samurai Clan Armor

With the Traveler's Attire being useless in combat, you're definitely looking for something to win duels. For that, nothing beats the Samurai Clan Armor, which we consider to be the best armor in the game — and for good reasons. It will increase your health, reduce damage taken, and restore Resolve when you take damage, allowing you to heal yourself. As a bonus, it's very easy and quick to obtain when you know where to go.

Ghost of Tsushima

To start, you have to complete Jin's first tale with Yuna in order to unlock the assassination ability, and Ishikawa's first tale to unlock the half-bow. This will unlock Lady Masako's tales. This is what must be done as a priority to unlock the armor.

Ronin Attire

If you'd rather prioritize damage and / or stealth, you can also quickly orient yourself to the main quest Blood on the Grass in the West after completing the two same mandatory starting tales with Yuna and Ishikawa. The first step will also earn you new armor.

Ghost of Tsushima

Tadayori's Armor

Tadayori's armor is fantastic if you're going to favor archery-based gameplay, but it doesn't lend itself to much outside a few specific scenarios.

After all, it's impossible to make use of the bow in duels. This armor is unlocked by completing the first Mythic Tale available, and perhaps one of the most frustrating since it requires finding specific areas. Look for a large area covered in purple flowers to the south. The second flowering area is to the north, on the other side of the river.

Ghost of Tsushima

How to upgrade your armor

Go to the Golden Temple, which is automatically marked on your map. There are almost all types of craftsmen: you can improve your bows, your katana and, in this case, your armor.

Ghost of Tsushima

You will need supplies, linen, leather, then silk to improve your armor.

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