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Ghost of Tsushima: How to farm Predator Hides

Ghost of Tsushima: Guides, News, Tips & Solutions
Ghost of Tsushima: How to farm Predator Hides

You will need many components to improve all the equipment of Jin Sakai in Ghost of Tsushima. The skins found on the animals will allow you to increase your stock of arrows, projectiles, and so on. Here's how to farm them quickly.

Ghost of Tsushima: How to farm Predator Hides

After unlocking the bow and a few Ghost tools in Ghost of Tsushima, you may have noticed that your stock of ammo of each type is painfully limited. By going to see one of the many Trapper merchants present in the cities, villages, and refugee camps, you will be able to exchange Predator Hides to increase the number of ammo you can take with you.

As their name suggests, you can find these hides on aggressive wild animals like dogs, bears, and wild boars. However, there are different tips to get more hides.

Ghost of Tsushima

Inari Charm

This charm will quickly make a huge difference in many areas. You can get it by praying at Arrow Peak Shrine in Act 1, near the Shinto Sanctuary to the Southeast of Act 1, in the prefecture of Azamo.

Here is its exact position, in blue on the map. You don't need the grapple to get it.

Ghost of Tsushima
  • This charm will increase supplies, predator hides, bamboo, and yew wood. This charm will be a great help for all these types of resources, and we advise you to keep it equipped almost permanently until you have improved all of your equipment.
  • Don't forget that you can change your charms in combat.


Once the Charm is equipped, all you have to do is go hunting. You don't need to spend your time looking for animals, as you will come across them regularly just by walking around. Most of the time, they will actually spot you first. When a white paw icon appears on the screen, it means that you're in the visual field of an animal.

Animals are often quite hard to face in melee and it's easier use the short bow, or the longbow if necessary for the bears. To unlock the short bow, you just have to complete the first stage of Ishikawa's story, which is, in any case, mandatory. The longbow is obtained via a Mythic Tale from act 1.

You will often come across bears fighting against Mongol soldiers, which makes them easy to kill from a distance. Do not try to attack them in melee.

You will also come across some of them prisoners in cages in the Mongol camps. You can free the bear and let it massacre the soldiers and then finish it off, or shoot through the bars with arrows. In the wild, the bear will often stand on its hind legs when it has spotted you: this is the ideal opportunity to put one or two arrows in its head.

The wild boars are a little more problematic, not only because they are often in groups of three, but also because they will flee as soon as they have located you. It is better to approach discreetly, snipe the first of an arrow in the head, and kill the others with quick shots.

Finally, your main source of Predator Hides will be the pack of fighting dogs introduced on the island by the Mongols. You can come across them everywhere, and especially in the Mongol camps. Dogs are easy to kill in melee, you just have to dodge their attack, counter attack, dodge again, and so on.

Deers and foxes unfortunately do not give Predator Hides (we tested for science).

Original content by Robin "Raiden" Bouquet.


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