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Has Ghost of Tsushima 2 just been teased?

Will a second ghost of Tsushima emerge from the shadows for a new trip to feudal Japan? It could be, if we trust the job offers posted by Sucker Punch.

Has Ghost of Tsushima 2 just been teased?

While Sucker Punch has just launched its Ghost of Tsushima multiplayer expansion, the studio seems to be already looking ahead, at least if you look at their latest job offers.

According to the post, they're looking for a Narrative Writer specializing in Feudal Japan.

That was all it took to start rumors about a second episode of the license, since a second Mongol invasion occurred after Japan managed to repel the first one.

Like most of the sequels of big Sony licenses — if there's one — the PlayStation 5 certainly fits into the equation.

Original content by Bastien "Lloyd" Dubosq-Luyer.


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