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Ghost of Tshushima Guide: Haïkus locations
Explanations of Haiku
  • Maps of Haiku composing locations

Many places on Tsushima Island shine with their beauty and calm. Jin Sakai can meditate and write a haiku when finding them, which will unlock a cosmetic element unique to each haiku composition spot.

Ghost of Tshushima Guide: Haïkus locations

Jin Sakai is not just a bloodthirsty killer in Ghost of Tsushima, he also has a serious grudge against bamboo, likes hot baths, petting foxes, and risking his life climbing steep mountains to pray.

We didn't necessarily expect this, but he also likes to write write haiku, little Japanese poems that aim to reflect his emotions.

Find a place to compose Haiku

Even without a detailed map at hand, it's easy to find a majority of haiku, for example by freeing places occupied by the Mongols.

Another method is to follow the orioles, these golden birds with characteristic whistling. They will often lead you there. You can also spot a circle of birds high up, which marks the place.

Finally, you can invest one point of technique in the dedicated wind to guide you there.

The choices of verses you make for the haiku have no noticeable impact, they are simply integrated into the description of the banner obtained at the end. There is no good or bad composition to our knowledge.


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