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Dele Alli joins EXCEL Esports as Global Ambassador

The deal between British esports organization EXCEL Esports and Tottenham Hotspur and England midfielder Dele Alli will support the teams with his experience of competition at the highest level.


Guild Esports disqualified from Valorant First Strike Europe for using exploit

The first Valorant First Strike Europe qualifier was definitely full of twists and turns. While G2 Esports had lost - to the surprise of everyone - against Guild Esports, Riot Games reversed the result. Charged with using an exploit, David Beckham's organization was sanctioned.


Misfits Gaming recruits Eomzo and Yuz in Fortnite

It was through a selection tournament organized by Misfits that Eomzo and Yuz managed to make their way from the academy to the position of professional player.


Fortnite: LeTsHe joins G2 Esports

G2 Esports is showing a growing interest in Fortnite, with a major new recruitment. The German player LeTsHe joins the European organization, with a provocative introduction trailer!


Portugal wins the Valorant Spike Nations

Several teams of influencers competed at the Valorant Spike Nations to win $100,000 for the good cause. It's finally Portugal that wins this first edition!

The Los Angeles Thieves are IN the CDL!

It's official. After months of speculation, 100 Thieves has officially entered the Call of Duty League under the Los Angeles Thieves banner.

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