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Is Verdansk Being Destroyed?, Warzone Season 2, Teasers, Nuke, Live Event

Is Verdansk Being Destroyed?, Warzone Season 2, Teasers, Nuke, Live Event

The Warzone developers continue to tease the impending demise of the Verdansk map. Here's everything you need to know about the chances of it happening alongside the potential in-game event that could take place.

Is Verdansk Being Destroyed?, Warzone Season 2, Teasers, Nuke, Live Event

The passionate Warzone community has been paying close attention to the potential destruction of the Verdansk map for several months. Despite several clues pointing towards the map's imminent demise, nothing has materialized yet.

As the release of Season 2 approaches with new points of interest and a mysterious cargo ship making its way into the Verdansk port, will the new season mark the end of Verdansk as we know it?

The Destruction of Verdansk

The first rumor and the only one that holds any real substance revolves around Warzone's first anniversary.

Various sources say that Verdansk will be destroyed on March 11th, commemorating the first anniversary of the battle royale.

It would make sense to think that Warzone's first birthday is the right time to destroy this map once and for all, and would be the perfect time for Raven Software to implement a new iteration of the map.

Looking at some of the other teasers, this could well prove to be true.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Theory 2: The Destruction of Verdansk

Developer Raven Software suggests that a major change will happen to Warzone with the following quote

Last seen off the coast of Rebirth Island, recent information suggests the cargo ship Vodianoy has gone missing at sea. However, recent visuals have identified a ship matching the description heading for Verdansk port. Operators nearby to use extreme caution, as the vessel is carrying unknown cargo and its crew cannot be contacted.

Meanwhile, in Verdansk, something major begins to rumble deep underground. "

Players have been able to spot the cargo ship in the distance, suggesting that it will have a major part to play in introducing the brand-new map.

The quote that states something is rumbling underground could well relate to the rumor of missile silos appearing at various locations around Verdansk.

According to several sources, some of the silos will be accessible, suggesting that there are more secrets to be discovered in Season 2.

Call of Duty: Warzone

The roadmap for Season 2 has been revealed!

Treyarch has revealed the roadmap for Season 2 of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War which will begin on February 25th. Find out what's arriving in the new season below!


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