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Fortnite star Anas signs with Guild Esports

Fortnite star Anas signs with Guild Esports

Guild Esports, the org co-owned by former footballer David Beckham, has struck a deal to sign pro Fortnite player Anas "Anas" El-Abd.

Fortnite star Anas signs with Guild Esports

The in-form Fortnite star joins the UK-based org after a period of free agency, and will compete for Guild in events such as the recently announced FNCS.

Anas is a four-time Cash Cup winner and multiple-time finalist in both the FNCS Grand Finals and Dreamhack Fortnite events, with lifetime earnings approaching $100k.

"Guild is an organisation I’ve enjoyed watching grow, so it’s exciting to now be a part of that journey," he said. "I’m sure I’ll have great success with the Guild team, using my previous wins and past experience as a finalist."

Anas is the third player to join Guild's Fortnite roster, following fellow Danish player Nikolaj "Flikk" Frøslev and Englishman Henrik "Hen" Mclean. 

Guild have expanded rapidly since their inception in June 2020, with rosters in Rocket League, FIFA, and Valorant.


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