Warzone: DMR 14 nerfed

Raven Software has just released a short update to balance some of the Warzone weapon arsenal.

Warzone: DMR 14 nerfed

After revealing that a weapon balancing patch was on the way, Raven Software has finally nerfed the controversial DMR 14 tactical rifle in Warzone.

Alongside the DMR, the Type 63, MAC-10, and dual pistols have all received a nerf.

Find all the information on the update below.

Black Ops Cold War weapon fixes

  • DMR 14 - Reduced headshot damage, increased recoil
  • Type 63 -Reduced headshot damage, recoil increased
  • Mac-10 - Decreased headshot multiplier.
  • Dual pistols - Increased hip fire spread, decreased damage range

This patch is specific for Warzone, meaning the weapons and attachments mentioned above are still extremely strong in Black Ops Cold War.

Treyarch has yet to comment on any potential weapon balancing arriving in an upcoming update.

Raven Software confirms weapon balancing is coming soon!

The current state of Warzone has annoyed the majority of the community. Raven Software has confirmed changes are coming "soon".


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