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Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge event guide

Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge event guide

If you are not afraid of heights, the Gliding Challenge is ideal for you! From December 4 to 14, you will be able to complete various Gliding missions in Genshin Impact which will earn you rewards.

Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge event guide

During 10 days on Genshin Impact, you will have the opportunity to participate in a whole new kind of event: challenges. Indeed, from December 4 to 14, you will be able to participate in the game's brand new Gliding Challenge.

First of all, be aware that this event is only available to players with an Adventure Rank of 20 or above.

How to complete the challenge

In order to participate, you will have to speak to Hughes. To know its location, refer to the event page of the Paimon menu. Be aware that the location of the NPC changes daily.

To start the challenge, you must first activate a small mechanism present right next to Hughes.

The challenge consists of a succession of races against the clock, finish the races within the allotted time in order to win. You can restart the course as many times as you want in order to beat your own record.

Here are some tips on how to overcome the challenges:

  • Use upward air currents to rise higher in the air.
  • Collect particles to recharge your sprint. Sprinting allows you to propel yourself through the air. You can have up to 2 sprints in reserve.
  • Pay attention to your altitude and sprint recharge level. Collect as many particles as you can before time runs out and be careful to use your sprint wisely.
  • In the more advanced levels, obstacles may appear. Wind barriers - strange anemo rings - let no wind pass. Better to avoid them if you don't want to lose too much altitude. Balloons full of dust explode when you walk through or touch them, temporarily blinding you. Finally, explosive balloons are the most dangerous. They will explode on the slightest touch, which will release a shock wave that will strongly destabilize you.

    If you take too long to complete a challenge, or if you land on the ground due to lack of wind, then you will fail and have to start the challenge again.

The rewards

As a reward for your high aerobatic planes you will be able to receive various items: from aptitude improvement materials, to Heor's Wit and moras, through first-gems, you will be duly rewarded for your hard work.

You can also complete the quests for this challenge in the "Meteorite" battle pass in order to gain EXP.

Put on your prettiest glider and conquer the skies in this new gliding challenge, available until December 14.


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