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Valorant: Draken joins Bonk

Valorant: Draken joins Bonk

William "draken" Sundin was at the beginning of Valorant one of the most prominent players. He didn't find a stable team and joined Bonk.

Valorant: Draken joins Bonk

Times are hard in Valorant at the moment. On the one hand, the competitive circuit isn't yet fully structured and on the other hand, several organizations don't want to invest in this period of global pandemic. William "draken" Sundin has still not signed a stable contract in a professional team but for the moment he's joining Bonk where he will play with several compatriots.

draken isn't a stranger in the world of esports. Before coming to Valorant, he won a few CS:GO tournaments with NIP or GamerLegion. Since his transition to Riot Game FPS (which may not be final), the Swedish has shown some nice things. He was one of the most prominent players with Oscar "mixwell" CaƱellas Colocho, at the G2 Valorant Invitational, the first European stage of the Ignition Series. The Spaniard continues to win trophies with G2 Esports, but draken didn't succeed in making it happen.

By joining Bonk, he integrates a team without organization. The team is of high quality but with limited means and a very volatile workforce. It finished 2nd in the LVL Clash. 2 and the Cup. It brought down professional organizations proving that the level wasn't only about money. It's a gamble that could pay off for the Swede, who will also have the opportunity to show himself individually to potential recruiters.

Valorant: Team Envy signs food and crashies

Team Envy is making the first changes to its roster since its debut in Valorant. By recruiting food and crashies, the team hopes to get better results in the upcoming competitions.


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