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Fall Guys: Who is the Fallen One who got the exclusive costume?

Fall Guys: Who is the Fallen One who got the exclusive costume?

The craze around the game Fall Guys is not waning. Last night, the Community Manager announced something special on Twitter: the best player currently listed has received an exclusive skin. Problem? The latter hasn't yet manifested...

Fall Guys: Who is the Fallen One who got the exclusive costume?

After record views on Twitch and sales on Steam, having reached 1 million followers on Twitter, and after having launched an exceptional appeal for donations for the SpecialEffect association, Fall Guys isn't weakening.

That night, the Community Manager also took the opportunity to make an announcement:

For those who didn't understand: the current best player in the game has been given an exclusive costume directly from his collection. The principle is simple: the millions of players must now all check if they don't have this famous costume in order to report it to the Community Manager. Photo proof (screenshot) is obviously necessary.

Since this player hasn't yet manifested, we don't know what the skin looks like. Regardless, this is the new skin that will be available on Saturday in the in-game store.

Now, the hashtag #TheFallenOne trends on Twitter but it is likely that the lucky one is not even on the platform. If you're reading this, then don't hesitate to check your Fall Guys account!

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