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Elevate leaves Fortnite for Valorant

Elevate leaves Fortnite for Valorant

In transferring to beastcoast, the former Fortnite pro is transitioning to Riot Games' new FPS.

Elevate leaves Fortnite for Valorant

Over the past months, dozens of professional players from different FPS competitive scenes made their transition to Valorant. Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite — although these games are quite different from Riot Games' last title, they require the same qualities and skills. Reflexes, decision making, strategic vision, and more — the experience gained over the years spent playing competitively is priceless, even if it comes from a different environment.

If each discipline is different, transitions aren't impossible, and several players like ardiis already proved it. However, he's far from being the only one, and Hayden "Elevate" Krueger also decided to transition to Valorant.


A successful Fortnite player

Hayden "Elevate" Krueger can be proud of his Fortnite career: he played at a high level and participated in the biggest competitions, which proved to be very lucrative for him. The young American player joined 100 Thieves in February 2019 and achieved third place in the Duos at the 2019 World Cup. A stellar performance alongside Davis "Ceice" McClellan saw him leave with a share of $1.8 million. The Fortnite North American scene just lost one of its biggest talents...

The phenomenon is proving to be quite symptomatic as many players, such as Austin "Morgausse" Etue, who also left the scene having complained about it. According to him, Epic Games have failed to maintain a competitive environment with questionable balance changes, an insufficiently structured circuit, and inefficient management of cheating. It is no coincidence that several players have decided to see if the grass is greener elsewhere.

A loan for the moment

Elevate remains tied to 100 Thieves for the time being, but he won't wear the colors of their Valorant team led by Spencer "Hiko" Martin. The former Fortnite pro is loaned to beastcoast, an American esports organization which currently has rosters involved in Dota2 and Rainbow Six: Siege competitive scenes. The loan will last until the end of the year, but his contract can be redeemed faster if he performs well.

Ata beastcoast, Elevate will reunite with other Fortnite alumni and also a PUBG alumnus. It's hard to know what to expect from this team with very diverse backgrounds.

  • Jaden “Vegas” James
  • Jamal “Jammyz” Bangash
  • Tanner “TiGG” Spanu
  • Brandon “Bdog” Sanders
  • Hayden "Elevate" Krueger

FunPlus Phoenix to build a Valorant roster

The famous Chinese organization announced the creation of a team around former CS: GO pro Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow.

Original content by Léo "Tipsalewo" Lecherbonnier.


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