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Overwatch Teams Up With Talented Creators for Summer of Music

Overwatch Teams Up With Talented Creators for Summer of Music

If you've always dreamed of hearing new versions of your favorite game theme, now is the time! Blizzard is associated with 8 artists around the world to create their own version of the game's music. Find all the information in the article.

Overwatch Teams Up With Talented Creators for Summer of Music

Music is an integral part of video games, and especially Overwatch. Blizzard has always paid special attention to the sound environment of its maps, carefully crafted by the firm's musical team. With the release of an album, called Overwatch: Cities & Countries and the launch of Sigma's Maestro Challenge, we felt Blizzard's desire to go further in celebrating music within the game.

Summer of Music

Blizzard is associated with creators of musical content to develop their own versions, remixes or covers of songs from the album Overwatch: Cities & Countries and other emblematic tracks of the game. A group of beatboxers, a keyboardist, guitarists, electro DJs, a multi-instrumentalist duo and an electric quartet the styles and origins are varied and the creative approaches too, for our greatest pleasure.

Three artists have already published their creations, which you can find below, and 5 more are expected in the coming weeks.



Berywam is a group of beatboxers crowned French beatbox champions in 2016 and world champions in 2018. They have gained worldwide fame following their participation in America's Got Talent in 2019.

Sophie lloyd

Sophie Lloyd is a London guitarist with a rock and metal repertoire. His catchy compositions deliver a sound full of exciting innovations. She creates her own songs, but also plays instrumental versions of well-known songs and sometimes uses video game themes.

Amadeus EQ

Amadeus is one of the world's most beloved female amplified music quartets. Its specialty, the ingenious combination of classic and modern elements, has enabled it to carve out a place of choice in the field of musical crossover.


Davidlap is an Italian multi-instrumentalist musician, who particularly enjoys the guitar. He became known for his talent for reproducing various sound effects on the guitar (including video game effects) or even for playing bass with his feet while providing a blues solo on the guitar with his hands.


Sountec is an Austrian electro-dance DJ and producer who regularly hosts live performances with other DJs on his YouTube channel. He impresses his audience with his remarkable abilities, whether in pure mix or improvised mashup. Sountec not only chooses the tracks, but above all the right passages, to create a unique DJ set with perfect coordination.

French Fuse

French Fuse brings together Jerry and Ben, two multi-instrumentalist friends who compose, produce and arrange electronic music. With their iconic look (hat and sunglasses), they've always loved making mashups and remixes for fun, and that passion has gone viral.

Video available soon!

Patrik Pietschmann

Patrik Pietschmann is a keyboardist, arranger and programmer from Germany. He creates piano arrangements of popular contemporary pieces, and combines his keyboard playing with a visualization of the score created by software he has programmed himself.

Video available soon!

Henri PFR

At 24, Henri PFR is the new sensation of the Belgian electro scene. His innovative music has already earned him several gold and platinum records as well as seven D6bels Music Awards, making him the most awarded artist of this Belgian equivalent of the Victoires de la Musique. In 2019, Henri PFR entered the DJ Mag Top 100 ranking in 97th place and became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. His presence on the main stage of Tomorrowland has been confirmed for this summer; this will be his fourth participation in the great Belgian festival.

Video available soon!

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Original content by Jean-Vincent "Durvil" Cannata.


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