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Valheim Guide: Exploring the Burial Chambers

Valheim Guide: Exploring the Burial Chambers

Burial Chambers can be found in the Black Forest in Valheim, and you’ll need to explore them to find valuable resources. Here’s our guide on how to find them.

Burial Chambers can be found in the Black Forest in Valheim – which you’ll be able to enter after defeating Eikthyr.

In order to progress you’ll need to find Surtling Cores to build a kiln and smelter, so that you can make bronze.


Where to find Burial Chambers

Before you go exploring, make sure that all your weapons have been repaired and that you’re well fed!

The first one you'll come across should be on the edge of the Black Forest – after that you’ll need to continue exploring the Black Forest to find more.

You’ll know when you’re close to a Burial Chamber when skeletons start attacking you.  



Explore the Burial Chambers

Burial Chambers are dark dungeon-like areas, and you will need a torch to be able to see where you’re going. Craft a torch using 1x resin and 1x wood – there are small mushrooms which also provide a glow, if you’d rather carry a shield instead of a torch.

You’ll find at least 5x Surtling Cores in each tomb, so make sure to check every corner. You’ll need 10x Surtling Cores to build the kiln and smelter – so you’ll need to explore at least two tombs to collect them.

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