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FFXIV: Tips and Tricks for the Market Board

FFXIV: Tips and Tricks for the Market Board

Using the market board can make you a lot of Gil quickly in FFXIV and here are a few tips on how to use it.

FFXIV: Tips and Tricks for the Market Board

In Final Fantasy XIV you can use the Market Board to make a lot of money if you know what to buy, sell, and how to do it.

Market Boards are usually found in major cities like Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah, Gridannia, or Ishgard but can also be found in Residential Districts for example.

While I'm sure there is room for improvement on my side here are a few tips I wanted to share with other Warriors of Light!

How often is this item sold?

You're looking to craft and sell some equipment, but what is the best piece to sell? How often is this one sold?

To answer these questions you simply need to go to a market board, search for the item (don't forget to use the partial match option for easier research), and then click on the item.

Once the new window that shows the currently on sale items you can press the icon on top of the window to check how often the item has been sold, and at what price.

FFXIV Market Board Guide - Final Fantasy XIV
FFXIV Market Board Guide

What is the most popular type of Wood?

If you're farming some materials in order to sell them you could check which one if the most in-demand first.

To do so, head to the market board and click on the type of material you're trying to sell, then order the list of materials by demand.

NOTE: The sorting only works for the current 100 items so you might want to do it again on other pages and check how often is an item sold, being high in demand doesn't always mean the item is sold very often.

FFXIV Market Board Guide - Final Fantasy XIV
FFXIV Market Board Guide

What is the correct price for my item?

Selling an item at half the price of the competition is called "undercutting" and often is a bad idea. In fact, you might sell your item quicker, but you'll also lose a lot of profit and create opportunities for the competition. One might buy your low-cost item to sell it again at a higher price.

A good way to be on top of the market board is to simply reduce the price of the item by one. That way you get the most of your items while avoiding the competition.

NOTE: You can also check the price of the same item in high quality and put a higher price if nobody is currently selling the HQ version of it.

Which Items Should I sell?

Your item pool really depends on what you can farm easily or what your server is looking for, but here's a list of a few items that usually sell quite well for me and when (in no particular order).

Item Name

When to sell


Timeworn Zonureskin


Always and

when new map exclusive

gear is released

You can farm

one for free

every day


Always and

when new PVE Content/Raids

are released

Dwarven Chromite

Very Often or when

new gar that needs it is released

You can exchange

it for Tomestones

in Eulmore

Glamour Items

Every week during

the Fashion Report

Many people simply

buy the required items

to get 80/100 points

Quest Items for

Gatherers & Crafters

All the time

Some people prefer

to buy the required items

when leveling a

crafter or gatherer as some

quests are quite hard for

fisher for example.

I hope these little Tips and Tricks will help you get your hands on the Market Board, until next time, have a safe journey Warrior of Light.

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