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FFXIV 5.35 Job Tier List: Community Ranking

FFXIV 5.35 Job Tier List: Community Ranking

Playing what you like is always the best, but what does the community think of FFXIV's Jobs. Let's find out the community ranking in this FFXIV 5.35 Tier List.

FFXIV 5.35 Job Tier List: Community Ranking

There are seventeen jobs you can play in Final Fantasy XIV (eighteen if you include Blue Mage) and what's the best class is up to every player's opinion but what would be the result of a community vote?

Tiermaker released a Community Tier list last updated on October 31 that is the result of community votes and an average ranking of 32 tier lists.

Of course, this is in no manner a tier list you should take too seriously as every Warrior of Light has their own point of view and criteria.

What is your favorite job in FFXIV? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

S Tier


Healing Job

Dark Knight

Taking Job


Close range DPS Job

A Tier


Long Range DPS Job


Tanking Job

Red Mage

Magic DPS Job

White Mage

Healing Job

B Tier


Long Range DPS Job

Black Mage

Magic DPS Job


Magic DPS Job

C Tier


Long Range DPS Job


Tanking Job


Close Range DPS Job

D Tier


Close Range DPS Job


Close Range DPS Job


Healing Job


Tanking Job

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