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Fortnite: Stark Industries, New Landmark & POI

Chapter 2, Season 4
Fortnite: Stark Industries, New Landmark & POI

Stark Industries is the new zone available since v14.10 in Fortnite. You go there mostly to recover Iron Man's powers or to drive the custom cars waiting in the garage.

Fortnite: Stark Industries, New Landmark & POI

To the northeast of the Authority, an entire area of the map has just been raised off the ground in Fortnite Patch Notes 14.10. This is where you'll find the Stark Industries — a new POI featuring Iron Man and everything associated with him in the Marvel universe.


Star Industries doesn't look like a big building like in the movies, but like a building built lengthwise with a heliport and a hangar. Among the different points of interest in the area we can mention :

  • Three Iron Man cars that are significantly faster than a normal car. One is parked in front of the main building and two are in the garage on the first floor of the main building.
  • The helicopter on the heliport in front of the main building.
  • The legendary chest that can appear above the control room on the top floor of the main building.

Iron Man

Iron Man is located in the control room, on the top floor of the main building — on the right side of the building when facing the entrance. He'll defend himself using a series of laser beams and will regularly launch a powerful laser attack capable of destroying buildings and killing a player with a single shot.


Eliminate Iron Man to recover :

  • Iron Man's Repulsor Gauntlets: a power that allows you to fire from a distance to inflict 20 points of damage to a player.
  • Iron Man's Unibeam: a power with a recovery time that shoots a powerful ray through buildings and inflicts heavy damage.
  • Iron Man Keycard.

Video of the fight against Iron Man

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