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Where to collect sixth week's XP coins?

Green and purple XP coins are back in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3. Every week, you'll find them in different locations on Apollo Island. Here's the location of Week 6's coins.

New water level drop occurs in Fortnite

It's now a routine: every week the water level drops and reveals a little more land on Apollo Island. This time it's mainly Weeping Woods that becomes accessible again, while dataminers have already discovered the date of the next flood recession.

Driveable cars arrival has been delayed in Fortnite

Very soon you will be able to drive different models of cars on Fortnite. The datamineurs evoke a source at Epic Games that would have confirmed the release date of the vehicles on the game.

A spaceship wreckage was found in Fortnite

Still underwater at the moment, a spaceship wreck has been found by leakers in Fortnite. An astronaut is even visible in the cockpit on some of the data files.


Chinese org Newbee accused of stealing Fortnite World Cup winnings

With its thunderous success, Fortnite has become a very lucrative competitive arena for top players — but you still have to be able to collect your winnings. A Chinese organization is accused of stealing money earned by its players during the last World Cup.


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