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More than twenty chromas for Sugar Rush skins!

Christmas is coming in less than a month, and as usual, Riot Games has reserved a bunch of skins for us for the occasion. On the program for this 2019 edition, a new family of skins, Sugar Rush, for Braum, Evelynn, Ziggs, and Zilean.

Check out Aphelios' incredibly complex spell kit

Although Senna has just been released, Riot Games are pressing ahead with their preseason content. Aphelios, League of Legends' 147th champion, has been unveiled as a new ADC/marksman — here's what we know so far.


Transfer Window: Khan leaves SKT

It's official, Khan will not be SKT T1's top lancer for the 2020 season and his replacement has already been announced. Rumours indicate that he would fly to China from FunPlus Phoenix, the current World Champions.

Pulsefire Thresh & its Prestige Edition are available!

Have you ever seen such a gorgeous recall? Pulsefire Ezreal is surely a mythical skin, but look at this Thresh! Pulsefire Thresh and its Prestige Edition were implemented alongside preseason patch 9.23.


Transfer Window: Cuzz to replace Clid as SKT T1 Jungler

After the announcement of Clid's departure to Gen.G, the position of jungler within SKT T1 was vacant, for a few days. Today, the organization has just made Cuzz's arrival in his roster official.


A message for Europe — Our time will come, by Laure 'Bulii' Valée

LEC host Laure 'Bulii' Valée has a message for all fans of European League of Legends. One year of competition is over, and here we are, already in the transfer period. Have we learned anything? Yes. With pain? Of course. But that's what will make for an even more beautiful story later on.


Transfer Window: sOAZ to join Immortals?

The new rumour that's currently spreading is the possible arrival of Paul "sOAZ" Boyer as a toplaner for Immortals for the upcoming LCS season.


11.10 League of Legends Patch Preview, showing changes to the Jungle
League of Legends PBE Preview is here ready for Patch 11.10
League of Legends Champion Roadmap released

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