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Riot reveals the next four Prestige Edition skins

Miss Fortune, Thresh, Qiyana, and Lee Sin will be the next ones to join the famous and eminent club of champions who own a Prestige Edition skin. Get ready to spend your points before they expire!


Splyce brand to be discontinued, to become MAD Lions in LEC?

Currently located in New York, Overactive Media has decided to export operations to Canada to be closer to its Toronto Overwatch and Call of Duty franchises. As a result, the European League of Legends team Splyce will be impacted, and could be rebranded following OAM's acquisition of MAD Lions.

How much does a League of Legends team cost?

Richard 'Rich' Wells — founder of H2K, the former LEC team — published a YouTube video unveiling how much it costs to run a team in League of Legends pro scene. He addresses the average player and staff income and explains how the LRP system introduced by Riot actually works.

LCS Summer Season 2019 — All about Echo Fox

Echo Fox joined LCS in 2018 when former NBA player Rick Fox purchased Gravity's NA LCS Spring 2016 spot. Because of the controversy surrounding the team during the 2019 Season, Echo Fox spot should be sold soon.

LEC Regional Qualifiers — Fnatic secures the 2nd Seed, Splyce gets the 3rd!

Other regions determine the 2nd Seed thanks to Championship Points, the LEC rules state that both the 2nd and the 3rd Seed will be determined at the LEC Regional Qualifiers. Inspired by the LPL Gauntlet, Regional Qualifiers are ruthless: 72h of competition, three Bo5 — until two teams are left.

League of Legends Champions that have 10 or more skins

Did you know that some champions of League of Legends were (far) more spoiled than the others? Because they're Riot favorites, they had a lot of skins. Some of them even have more than ten skins...

LoL Patch 9.19 — Amumu gets his own Hextech skin

Instead of friends, Amumu will soon receive a brand new Hextech skin. As usual, this Hextech skin will cost ten Gemstones — making it one of the more difficult League of Legends skins to obtain.

LEC Match Recap — G2 Esports earn their sixth title!

It was a match everyone was waiting for. Fnatic vs. G2 Esports, the clash of the LEC titans. For the second time in a row, the Samurai managed to reverse sweep Rekkles and his teammates — securing first seed for Europe at Worlds.

Can Invictus Gaming defend their League of Legends World Champions title?

Because of their terrible results during the whole Summer Split, nobody was expecting the former World Champions to be actually capable of defending their title this year— but they did. Invictus Gaming just won the LPL Gauntlet and thus qualified as the region third seed... Read on!


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