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Así son los Pokémon de tus pesadillas más terroríficas, imaginados por un talentoso artista

Así son los Pokémon de tus pesadillas más terroríficas, imaginados por un talentoso artista

El talentoso artista David Szilagyi ha creado un particular diseño de diversas criaturas de Pokémon con un aspecto bastante terrorífico.

Así son los Pokémon de tus pesadillas más terroríficas, imaginados por un talentoso artista

Todos tenemos una imagen idílica y alegre de las criaturas Pokémon, son parte de nuestra infancia. Pues bien, venimos a hundiros vuestros recuerdos.

Para ello, nos remitimos a la obra del talentoso artista David Szilagyi, quien ha demostrado su estilo de una enorme calidad caracterizando a las criaturas Pokémon más conocidas con un diseño terrorífico, que bien podría haber salido de la mente de Lovecraft.

Os dejamos unas muestras a continuación. Podéis ver más del espectacular trabajo de David Szilagyi en su cuenta de Instagram.

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105 - Marowak As Cubones carve their bloody path through Kanto, the skull of their mother becomes fused with their body. Each kill brings another scar and dent on their skin and armor, and they acquire a malign thirst for the hunt of abundant prey around them, human and Pokemon alike. In their evolution into Marowak, they overcome the grief of their mother’s passing. Focusing their once blind and reckless attacks into focused assaults of unnatural strength. In the mountains, trainers witness Marowaks striking rock faces and boulders. These markings help Marowaks communicate with their allies or to signal warnings to those nearby. Discerning from the non-corrupt Marowaks, these nightmarish Marowaks make strike marks forming jagged spirals. Each year, Mount Moon and surrounding mountain ranges show an increase of these spirals. Thank you everyone for being a part of this series, and a happy 3rd year to this series! It’s been a unique journey, three years of working through life and making this volume of content, but I love it. And I love knowing I get to keep making this content for you. To everyone making their own nightmare-fuel art and projects, getting tattoos of the Creepy Pokemon,  sharing this, or just enjoying this for themselves: Thank you. Thank you for being here. I’ve said it before, but without you, this wouldn’t be where it is. Thank you for taking this journey with me, however it twists and turns. Stay awesome, everyone! Here’s to creating more bloody and beautiful work ❤

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Hey everyone!  I want to thank everyone for their support for me over the years, through their kind words, shares, comments, and contributions through the Patreon. You’re all beautiful amazing people, and your support means something to me that I can’t describe.  That being said, I’m a believer in sticking with an idea and working it until you’ve given it a fair shot. The Patreon, after almost two years, is one of these fair shots. The support from my patrons means the world to me, and it was great getting to release content to everyone who donated. However, the reality is that it caused me a lot of stress, and the stress started to affect the art and how I interacted with social media. Running a project like this on my own is important to me, and the mental real estate that the Patreon takes up is too much. My work needs to come from a happier, less stressed place. I need to be happy to complete Creepy Pokemon on the right note. I’m shutting down the Patreon and starting fresh. I’ll keep you updated on what my next step will be. I’m sure I’ll figure it out, but for now, I’m going to be free and happy without having to know exactly what to do next. I’ve got a lot going on in life at the moment, and I’m sure the answer will come when it’s ready. The last batch I will release on Patreon will end with Krabby. Again, I’ll still be making art and writing stories. No worries there! I’ll catch you all soon for Krabby’s release. Thank you for being here, supporting and sharing in all the ways you have. It means literally the world to me, and I can’t thank you enough. Keep being amazing ❤️

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Sentimos si os vamos a dejar sin sueño durante los próximos días o si vamos a traumatizar vuestra infancia con esta estampa tan oscura y siniestra de los Pokémon coloridos que tenemos todos en la mente.


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