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Is League of Legends coming to the big screen?

Is League of Legends coming to the big screen?

Riot Games is recruiting for a Television Adaptation Manager and a Film Adaptation Manager.

Is League of Legends coming to the big screen?

While this is still unconfirmed and based on rumours and threads, Riot Games' careers site is searching for a people to lead League of Legends to TV and Film.

For years, Riot has stunned fans with incredible cinematics, but now we're looking at live action being in the works.

Kin of the Stained Blade - the magnificent cinematic which told us about Yasuo and Yone's past

Live action refers to the shooting of real images, so we're not talking about anime or animations but instead a series and/or films with real actors.

The qualifications and requirements for the positions are similar, both indicating Riot Games is indeed planning to launch to the big and small screen.

  • Knowledge of the film/entertainment and media industry.
  • Mastery of the economy and management of television/film production.
  • Work with writers and artists to develop ideas and scripts.
  • In-depth knowledge of pop culture and games.
  • Experience working with the adaptation of existing intellectual property and the construction of the world (narrative and visual).
  • Experience with international distribution, buyers and audiences.
  • A wide network of writers, filmmakers and creatives.
  • In-depth experience of the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres.

It also states that the applicant "will lead the creative development team and work on the development of films about the cinematic universe of League of Legends and new franchises."

Could this mean we will get a Riot Games version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? With a set of films and series that create a universe rather than a simple series or film?

The Ruination cinematic is one of the most recent ones Riot Games has released

We know that Riot Games is currently working on Arcane, an animated series which has been postponed due to the current pandemic. This tells us that Riot Games is building up the universe, and the live action is just a new addition to how they're going to do that.

There are concerns, however, at whether these films will live up to the standard we'd hope for. Previous features like Dragonball: Evolution, Alone in the Dark, and the recent Monster Hunter film all left something to be desired. Fans have been angry at games and anime being butchered when turned into films or series.

It essentially leaves the question of: will it be as successful as The Witcher series, or will it be as disappointing as The Last Airbender movie?

League of Legends
League of Legends
League of Legends
League of Legends

Lewis Tan as Zed, Keanus Reeves as Yasuo, Charlize Theron as Diana, Cara Delevingne as Riven - created by artist Mizuri who has already imagined actors as the League of Legends Champions.

This leads to the question of: who can you imagine playing the different characters? We've played with these Champions for years, but to imagine them given real faces seems difficult. Who would play Ahri, Yasuo, or Amumu?

If the project, or projects, materialise, Riot Games will likely choose the more popular Champions to carry the plot.

Take a look at Arcane, the new League of Legends animated series

An expansion into other media is finally happening! Riot Games announced Arcane, a new animated show set in Runeterra, during their 10th anniversary live show.


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